Behind Closed (Salsa) Doors

I could show you the practice video where we run through the full routine, with minor hiccups, and us wearing our actual costumes. But what fun would that be when I could show you the one where my partner and I mess up our ending? Although the ending is far from graceful, I actually prefer the practice video with our instructor every now and then yelling "1, 2, 3.. 5, 6, 7!!" And honestly, I think I danced much more comfortably in this practice than when we had our costumes on and we looked a little more "uptight."

Things to know about me (and witness on video):
I wear socks with my salsa shoes. (**EDIT: when I practice!! haha.. I can only imagine the look I would get if I left my socks on during a performance!)

Look, I have no shame about this! I don't own salsa-sneakers (which are more like shoes rather than open toe sandals), so I
always practice in my heels. Even if I owned the sneakers, I would still wear my heels because you work your calves out and the heel makes you dance better (in my opinion). Unfortunately, my lovely heels like to rub my skin off, no matter how MANY callouses I may build! That's probably because I have cheap salsa shoes, but that's not the point. Wearing socks makes the shoes much more comfortable, I'll have blood-free feet, and they're great for topic of conversation during practice. Granted, when I moved to Phoenix and started with a new dance studio here, I didn't wear my socks at first. I'm not THAT shameless! But after the first practice, I quickly regretted not wearing my socks. Plus, the people were really cool and I felt comfortable enough with my silly habit.

Before hitting play -- you must know why I'm posting this. I learned and practice this choreography for probably 15 weeks. The week before the performance my partner CANCELED because it turned out he was going to be out of town. This was going to be my last Atlanta salsa performance to invite my friends to (whom many never saw me perform ANY salsa until my wedding). I went to the performance to cheer on my team mates anyway, and guess who was there? MY PARTNER!! Mhm. I could have kicked him with my salsa-sock-dancing feet where it hurts. Instead, I behaved and enjoyed the night with friends and cheered on the group when they performed. Turns out he was nervous about performing since he missed the last few weeks.. but I wish he had not waited till the
week of to tell me.

So here is the video (sorry about the low quality!). While my partner for this performance is a GREAT dancer, he let me down the last few weeks. On this video? Literally! lol. We got through the entire routine until the end where he forgot the "drop" and well... you'll see. But overall, I LOVE the music for the intro!! I loved taking classes with Salsambo, and can't wait to grow here in Phoenix at Tropical Vibes.

Before I forget! In case you don't know me.. I'm the one in the middle with the baby-blue shorts & white long sleeve shirt. OH-- and the one wearing the WHITE SOCKS. ;)

Happy Friday!! I have some freebies for y'all coming up! Also, I made the pre-wedding video, but I haven't received my wedding photos yet and since I'm supposed to get them by this weekend it won't be long till' you see them!