rustic fashion shoot preparation

One Hot Mess

Hot glue and I are like massaman curry and avocado. We enhance each other. I don't know what I would do without the wonders of instant-ness that is hot glue. I'd be a hot mess, most likely.

Kind of like the current state of my office:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

But there is a purpose to all of this! I am collaborating on a very exciting fashion shoot with the extremely talented Michelle Herrick this Saturday! So I asked my friend Ana to come over and help me make some hair pieces based on the theme of the shoot.

I pulled out these butterflies that I thought would go well with the theme and Ana had the genius idea to take the wings apart and re-piece it as a hair piece.

And viola! Our results..

I decided to model one later that evening and asked Jose to take some photos..

I realized my braid wasn't facing the camera to which Jose agreed AND decided to add: "Yeah, your hair looks tomboyish like that." Geez, tell me what you REALLY think :P So I re-braided it to the other side...

I'm stoked to work with Michelle! We're going for a rustic/bohemian theme and I really wanted to incorporate *nature* elements to the hair pieces. What do you think?! I think a hair vine would look a-mazing. Does anyone want to teach me how to make one? ;)