room decor

Impulsive Decorating

Although our lease will be up at the end of July and we are considering moving to a new place -- I'm still decorating my office. I kind of gave up on the wall in front of my desk, but the other day I just had an impulsive moment to create a photo laundry-line:

I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but Jose seemed to really like it. I'll probably play around with it and add maybe some tissue flowers or more textured stuff. I really love having a small spot to put up my fashion photos + magazine inspiration.

Speaking of putting photos up, Jose and I are working on a project to hang up the photos I just printed without using frames!! Frames are insanely expensive when you have over 10 photos to hang. More on that later! :)

Any ideas for wall decor? How crazy would it be to have this chair?! Not functional, but definitely interesting to look at!