rising above

Day 28: Rising Above

Tonight I am excited to feature Brandy Wade. Through a walk in her own neighborhood, she was able to capture a beautiful flower in it's everyday bloom and then when winter came around, it was frozen! She captured it's beauty then too and this was her insight:

"These three pictures represent a few aspects of femininity. They represent quiet aspects of femininity. As women we add our own sparkle and shine to the world, even when we fall into the shadows. The ability of a woman to add simple touches to life that make it beautiful is an aspect of femininity that I find incredibly amazing and wonderful. Even when we can't find the beauty in ourselves we can find the beauty in the world even if we have to bring it out of the dark to be seen. These pictures also represent a female's ability to survive even the darkest and coldest times of our lives and rise above them."

Talk about encouraging and inspiring! My favorite line is finding the beauty in the world when we can't find it in ourselves and about surviving the darkest times of our lives. The sidewalk picture is so creative! Thank you Brandy for such an uplifting perspective :)

"Bragging is not an attractive trait, but let's be honest. A man who catch a big fish doesn't go home through an alley." -Ann Landers, the pundit of pithy advice
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