rainbow thrfited top

Outfit Chronicles: Rainbow Thrifted Top

You see, this top was a joke. We were ugly Christmas sweater shopping at Goodwill and this rainbow-bright top practically danced a little number for us with its brilliant colors. Jose and I couldn't stop laughing and I knew that I had to own this top.

Did my husband ever expect me to wear it as an ACTUAL outfit? No. Definitely not.

But as I stood in my closet and stared at the top, I embraced the courage it takes to be bold -- heck, to be foolish. It's not so much the actual mistake we'll make every now and then, but the willingness to risk making it that takes courage.

So I decided to try. If I failed, then I'd put that top back in the closet and reserve it for an 80's party I foresee in my future.

cardigan + necklace: H&M, button up: Goodwill, jeggings: Walmart, socks + clutch: F21, heels: Plato's Closet

And if you didn't know, I'm awesome at making mistakes ;)