Challenge Yourself


Yes, I know -- "real" cameras are pretty. By "real" I mean what a lot of people refer to SLR's versus your average point-and-shoot.

When I was in high school I had one of those plastic, wind up cameras that I LOVED because as soon as I would take it to Eckerd's (before CVS :), I would pay to get it developed and they refilled it for FREE. Yeah, they were definitely making money off of me. Here I was thinking I had the best deal, when in fact I was the IDEAL customer, coming back every other week. Can we say addict?!

Anyway, I finally 'upgraded' -- err -- someone upgraded me by gifting me a digital point & shoot. I was in heaven. You have to realize that even when I had to pay money, I STILL took a lot of photos and now that I could take as MANY as I want for FREE?! AND upload them to a computer?! E-p-i-c.

I still have that camera and I am not even kidding when I say it looks like it's been left in someone's jeans and washed 10 times. The paint has peeled, the screen is hardly working, and it's short and chubby. But the reason I am bringing ole' short & chubby into the picture (no pun intended! ;) is to tell/show you that you can STILL push yourself with ANY camera you own to think creatively.

Have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? By far one of my favorite movies because it's a lot like my head when I think about anything creative (meaning a bit chaotic). Jose and I watched it the day he asked me out, so for our one-year anniversary... I wanted to make him a Spotless Mind book.

My first idea... use the quotes. I'm a big fan of quotes in general because I feel that there's brilliant people who convey emotions WAY better than I can. I borrowed my brother's MUCH better point & shoot (ironically a gift from me), and put the settings on MACRO and color select. I wrote one of the film's quote on my hand in blue ink and selected the "blue" only:

Okay, you have to understand that when I saw how the photo came out, I felt like I was big pimping!!! My old short-&-chubby could not have gotten this photo. Plus, the camera had color select! I uploaded this photo to Picassa, bumped up the contrast, and saturated the blues. Okay, so maybe it's not as epic as I thought it was then, but I am still impressed with the options for a point & shoot. I mean, look at the perspective on that hand?

Then I started to take some of me under blankets to replicate the scene where Kate Winslet has an emotional moment under the blankets...

Tossed the photo into photoshop and without knowing what I was doing turned it into this. So typical, right?

and one more..

Did that one on Picassa which was WAY more user-friendly than Photoshop. And, honestly, I'm not embarrassed to admit I was a little edit-happy when I first started to play with photo-manipulation programs. Because ultimately, I learned what I DIDN'T like. That doesn't really apply to this project since the whole point was to make it strange. What DOES embarrass me is when I over-did it on normal photos. Haha, we learn. And I'm still learning...

So here's my challenge -- if you have a point and shoot, play with your settings and assign yourself a project. Your theme can be a movie like I had done, or pick a specific subject (your kids? your boyfriend? your dog?). There are free online editing programs (Picassa & Picnik are my favorite), and have FUN. No, you don't HAVE to edit like crazy. It's not about the editing, but it's about PUSHING yourself. Try a new angle, try a different setting.

My style has changed as time has passed and now my focus is aiming to the professional route. But guess what? I wouldn't have known that had I not tried, failed, and kept trying.

Have an iphone? USE IT!

All with Hipstamatic for iPhone.

I thought it would be fun to add some quotes to random photos. I will show you the picture, and you tell me what quote comes to mind. I'll start...

The quote is by Lenny Kravitz. I added the quote on my photo already, so I'll give you a blank one:

What quote comes to mind? I'd love to hear your ideas on it! There's so many ways to take it...

p.s. If you take your own, let me know too! I'd love to see :)