purple skies

It's hard to be humble when...

The night was ending and Brittany pulled her car up front to load it with our equipment. Confetti decorated the ground that only seconds before had been surrounded by guests waving goodbye to the bride and groom. Right as we began to walk out of the ranch, a family member yelled out to us "bye y'all!" I immediately repeated it quietly with a huge smile... bye y'all. That simple goodbye was like sweet tea to a Southern girl. Things that will forever remind you of your home town.

When we stepped outside with the bride and groom and I saw that purple sky, my heart wore her Texas boots proudly.

At Brittany's side for this wedding we indulged in each other's company, laughing, dancing, and busting our butt for every shot. Finding that sign at the end of the night only made it more perfect.

So cheers Brittany! To finally working together, cupcakes who refused to live, eating with your hands, and of course... to Texas. Purple skies, humidity, and a particular charm.

Happy Monday y'all ;)