Our life this past week

So I've been losing a little sleep this past week.  This is why...

I will go ahead and admit that not every little thing he does "I adore."  But when he gives you those little beady eyes while he looks up at you... he goes from little pee monster, to little Dapper.

The other day when Jose and I were gone for 2 and a half hours, we got back home to see that he peed and pooped on his puppy pad and we couldn't have been more proud to see little turds!  I mean, really proud.

We finally made our decision after months of talking about it and discussing a breed.  Dapper is a mini Schnauzer and is about 8 weeks old.  I am open to whatever advice y'all may have on having a puppy cause Lord knows we need it!  And I will admit this has totally given me perspective on having a baby.  Oy :)