punk look

Bellas: Hair & Make Up Shoot Part I

I don't have to know much about, actually, scratch that -- I don't have to know ANYTHING about you beforehand to understand what an outgoing, bold, and expressive person you must be to have hair like this:

Hi Jaimie! :)

This particular photoshoot was really interesting. Basically, two other photographers (Tammy Siever & Chris Blaisdell) and I collaborated with 4 girls: Jaimie (featured), Kendra, Alyssa, and Lauren (the stylist and make-up artist) for their beauty school portfolio -- specifically Lauren's.

One location, 3 girls, and two photographers. Chaos, right? Originally, we were going to just take one model and all take turns photographing her. However, it was already 3:30 by the time we started and that sun was going dooooown. We needed to move fast.

So! Change of plans. We each took one girl, split up, and did our own thing. There were no props because the focus of this shoot was the make-up and hair.

--- INTERRUPTION!! --- For your viewing experience, you should listen to this song while looking at the photos

Now you're ready ....

Jaimie -- you're ridiculous -- in all the good ways. How did you manage to give me an amazing face while tossing your hair like that?!

LOOOVE this one!

You know, when we were all discussing the theme of each girl, a lot of people thought an alley way would be perfect for Jaimie's punk look. And although I don't typically photograph that kind of look, I wanted to stay true to who I am as a photographer. I'm not saying alleys aren't my thing, but I would choose any alley for something completely opposite. Soft pinks, lacy gown + alley = interesting (to me). Like pairing military boots with a lacy top :)

Does that make sense? Typically, the first thing people think of with punk is = alley, broken windows, or grungy walls. It's kind of like many photographers think of rail road tracks for "high school senior" photos. But with Jaimie's hair color being SO vibrant, I didn't want the environment to be distracting.

The biggest challenge was using ONE spot for all three girls that had 3 completely different looks.

All we had were trees, sand, and a fence. Sometimes that happens. You're limited on space, environment, and lighting -- so you make it work! How? Study up on your POSES! Try different angles/points of view/lighting. But more important than ANYTHING... make your subject feel beautiful.

Or whip your hair back and forth ;)