Published: Wedding Nouveau Magazine

So I've had to hold back from telling you all about this feature for MONTHS!  When I received word that I would be a part of Nouveau Magazine's Holiday Issue this summer, Jose and I immediately went out to dinner that evening and celebrated.  We decided to walk down the street after dinner, holding hands, and he let me release my excitement with visions and blabberings of my future. Elizabeth Messina, one of my hugest inspirations, shot the cover for one of their issues -- you know, the whole 6 degrees of separation thing?!  Well, that's what I kept telling myself! Haha. 

AHH!!!  Sorry.  Just had to yell out in excitement.  I haven't even shared the images with any of you of one of my most favorite sessions to date.  This Frida project was the only full-out, collaboration shoot I did this year and I poured my heart into it.

I don't know WHAT it is about Frida Kahlo -- but she has driven a lot of my inspirations when it comes to art.  Something about the moodiness, the Spanish element, and the mix of dark and eclectic.  I decided this was the year to make the concept come to life and the artists I worked with COMPLETELY shared my vision!

If I can be honest with you, the reason I felt so incredibly fulfilled after this project was because in my future -- this is what I want to do.  I want to conceptualize shoots and bring them to life, whether they be for a boutique or magazine or fashion line.  There are changes coming to my business and I am going to admit... I've been playing it safe.  I didn't think I was, but after reanalyzing some things this past month, there's a jump I've been afraid to take and now I'm ready.  But more on that another time...

In the mean time, you can view the online version HERE!  I will be sharing a blog post with my favorites next and some behind the scene images along with how the process came to life.  SO grateful right now... so, so happy.