Deconstructing a Photo

Let's dig deep into the process of these images of Katie of La Rousse Photo. Like I said before, Katie loves movement as much as I do. I wanted these images to feel like you were swimming in between the movement.

Pre-visualize. Before you start your shoot, ask yourself what type of mood you'd like to establish with your images. If I don't have a message to tell or an emotion to establish, then I'm shooting without intention. When I DO have a message, I am finding ways to TELL YOU this message. I think about how my composition, subject movement, and light are the ways in which I communicate. It can't just be about what's in front of me. 

And behind the layers of creating the photo - before I even pick up the camera - it all starts with your subject. Honestly, what takes time in a business is to draw in the clients that resonate with your style. And I'm not talking about clients with style, I'm talking about clients that simply connect with your work emotionally. They will bring it if they believe in it. If you're not there yet, then start with friends. Take steps towards that direction. If you are consistent, I promise you will get there sooner. If you have a hard time articulating the style, hire a stylist. Alex of AVE Styles was Katie's styling consultant to prep her for her trip from LA.

You're as strong as your team.

And if it's just you (which is completely fine) then at least sit down, before the camera is in your hand, and imagine what those photos of that specific person in that specific environment could look like. Once you're there, don't force anything - but at least you will be mentally prepared to create visuals with a meaning.