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Outfit Chronicles: Preppy and Nerdy Collide

These were taken back when it was cold... in Dallas during the Christmas break. Now I'm back in Phoenix where I pretty much had to hang up the scarves and jackets. We're back to our "lows" this week at 66.

button up: my sister's closet, cardigan: H&M, scarf+belt: Spain, pants: F21, boots: borrowed from mom ;)

These are actually on the sidewalk of my childhood home :) Every now and then my mom would peek through the curtains from inside to watch Jose and I. What's funny is that she lent me the boots I'm wearing. I remember her and my brother picking us up from the airport and classic mom -- she's got these ankle boots with a fur lining on the cuff. I should have had an outfit chronicles with her is what I should have done!

Enjoy the bloopers :) When I need help relaxing my face (read: when my lips feel tense after taking photos), I inhale deeply, blow out my cheeks, and release the air slowly through my lips.

I know... these cheeks were quite the talk when I was a baby.