I'm on Facebook! + Guest Post

Yep. This little lady finally has a Facebook Page specifically for Imaginale Design!! And let me tell you, there's going to be some pretty ridiculous surprises I will have in a couple of weeks going on there. So hopefully you'll grace my page with your presence and like it :)

You know how I'm always talking about platanos? No? Then we're not friends on Facebook. DO IT :) Anyway, many people have asked me what the heck they are!! So when Kristen from In Sweet Violets asked me to do a guest post on platanos (cause who really cares about photography when we're talking about food here) -- I just knew I'd be doing your taste buds a favor. If you like bananas. Cause they're practically brothers. Otherwise you might hate them.

And that post is up! All about platanos. What they are, what they look like, and how to make them. Plus, some fabulous posts by Kristen herself. If you guys try this for the first time, PLEASE let me know. I love hearing about people's adventures in the kitchen. Happy Friday :)