Booya -- I gotcha

I have completely fooled you. Here you are thinking I am a good photographer, but then you put THIS baby in my hands and .... well, I fail. Utterly fail.

I can blame it on the expired film my fiance bought along with the "baby" I am referring to as my Christmas present. To say I was excited to receive the Diana F+ plastic camera AND 4 plastic lenses is an understatement. I was thrilled to open this up at 3 a.m. Thank you Jose! :)

Yes, she is so pretty and devious. She tests you, mocks you, and requires patience. I have a LOT of learning to do. I am still blaming HALF of it on the expired film. Currently she is loaded with non-expired black & white film (with higher ISO too!). I mean, seriously, 100 ISO? As Jose would put it, that is just "chopped liver."

And of course, I will not hide in my shame -- I will share my first attempt at a plastic Holga camera.

Hey, at least that's better than just 1 decent image right? And yeah, the great thing about this camera is that it is SUPPOSED to be experimental with a cross-processed look. I'm not completely hopeless! By the way, that last photo is my brother with cards that spell out cheater. Because that is what he is. Cheater!

So yeah, I fooled you :) Now maybe I can redeem myself with this black and white film. Though I have to say, I LOVE the feeling of not knowing what the heck your pictures will look like. I used to take photos all the time in high school with a cranker (my reference to the plastic cameras that you had to wind/crank the wheel after each photo) and I would get so anxious to pick up the photos. A surprise each week!

I'll leave you with the Diana F+ done right -- multi-exposure for an artistic capture :)