Pink & Black Vintage Fashion

Good morning! A chilly Friday it is today. You know what's funny? Tomorrow we are doing a Rustic Wonderland fashion shoot and originally the concept was "Rustic Winter" but clearly it is no real "winter" here in Arizona so we changed it to 'wonderland.'

Until now.

I'm not even going to tell you what the weather is here because I KNOW my East Coast friends will trump me. But let's just say it's cold for Arizona standards. Then Sunday will be back to normal :)

Another outfit post! This time, instead of being influenced by a TV Character, I am loving the colors PINK & BLACK together!

I guess I'm wearing more of a coral/salmon color <-- new favorite clothing color BTW :)

Can you believe I found the top at a vintage store for 8 bucks? It was a little wide, but nothing a belt couldn't fix! Which speaking of, I found that belt (one of my favs) also at a vintage store called "Zinnia's" for 50 cents! The skinny black jeans are from Charolette Russe for $20 and earrings from Forever21.

And did you recognize my Payless shoes starred in this outfit again?! They're so comfy and a perfect alternative to my ballet flats for a shorty like me.

I'm going shopping today and hunting for: 1 blazer, 2 cardigans, and possibly a sequence top. I'm thinking more about items that are versatile. In particular I've been eyeballing THIS dreamy blazer from H&M. But would that be a bad choice considering it will be warm here in AZ soon? My friend said I could still pair it with shorts. What do you think? I could opt for a navy-striped cardigan instead?

p.s. Did you know 70's fashion is coming back for the Spring? Um, high-waist flare jeans? The association of short people kindly declines that one.


This week's theme is: PINK! I admit... I really like that color. I pretended in middle school I was not one of "those" pink lover girls. But, there's something about pale pink that captures my heart. I guess because it makes me think of babies... of new life... new love... something romantic, and something .... magical? Pink -- I like you.

Here is Evelyn -- and your first sneak peek at her upcoming post! My fiance referred to this as a baby Audrey Hepburn rendition ;)

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