photo packaging

How to: Create a Sweet, Sweet Package

This is what you'll need...

Wrap your prints/note/gift with tissue paper and place inside of your kraft box. Doesn't tissue paper = fancy? Or do you have bad childhood memories where tissue paper = "Aw MAN, not clothes AGAIN!?!"

I remember those too.

Be still my heart..

My friends may recognize this stamp from my own wedding invitations. No shame in my game ;)

Then you wrap it up in whatever ribbon, twin, lace, etc. you'd like and add an embellishment!

Sometimes simplicity works best.

Recognize it from here? -- you'll find more details on my supplies in that post :)

Under my blog banner where I have my "About Me" and "Portfolio" tabs, I just recently added "For Photographers." So now all of my posts dealing with branding, packaging, marketing, and everything photography (business-wise) are under one tab!

What can I say. I like sharing. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me in 3rd grade. Nope. I tried sharing an answer with the girl sitting beside me who was clearly stuck on "7 x 3" and I whispered "21" to her. She immediately stuck her hand up in the air and loudly announced that Alejandra was cheating, giving her the answer. I. still. remember. That and the mole by her lip as she told on me. Hmph. Twenty-one. Raise your hand now Elizabeth! Enjoy the answers my friends. Not that I always have them :)