phoenix fashion week preview

Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 Preview

Just a few snippets until next week...

At the moment I:

-Have almost lost my voice (over talking?)
-Am feeling overwhelmed
-Laughed at and hung out with Dapper... until he peed in my office.
-Am super excited about tomorrow's wedding and slightly terrified at how large and amazing it will be
-Have a huge regret:

I am thrilled that I had a chance to capture some highlights from Phoenix Fashion Week.  That same Saturday that the show was closing, Karie and I had a really special project going on that started our day at 6 a.m. (earlier for Karie).  When 5:30 p.m. rolled around, we were exhausted.  The temptation to not go on the closing night of Phoenix Fashion Week crossed our minds, but ... it was CLOSING night!

We made our trip to Starbucks (again) to order food, took too long at the window (again), and as we awaited some sandwiches and chai -- I gasped.  I FORGOT MY MEDIA PASS.  Oh you know, the one Karie reminded me to grab before we headed out?!  The one that is about THIRTY MINUTES away at my house?! Yeah.  That one.

And in the next second, Karie kicked me out of her car, tossed her media pass out the window to me and said: PEACE!

No.  Clearly she didn't do this.  But it was in her eyes -- she didn't have to say it.  I started calling some contacts from Fashion Week and I finally received word that I could just show my ID and get another pass.  Phew.

The energy was INCREDIBLE.  So much more different than the first night (Thursday).  You have to stand for hours (as media), but on Saturday the time went by much faster.  I felt pumped!  Pumped enough to drop into the make up and hair area to get some behind the scenes footage.  Karie and I watched the shows and the exhaustion started to slowly creep back in.  After the second intermission -- we decided to head out.  I was happy with my footage.

Until.  This week as I was finishing up my video editing and had wondered what the finale was like (knowing we left before the last 2 designers),  I went online and my heart sank.  It was so... DRAMATIC and beautiful!  The last designer was insane and I was so upset at myself for leaving early.  Womp womp.  Lesson learned.  Fortunately there are some generous photographers and one will be sharing his images of the last designer with me so I can add it to my video.  Yeah, you won't get to see the dresses in movement -- but you'll get to see it.

Aside from that, it doesn't take away from the footage I DID get and the fact that we got to experience our first fashion show!  Can't wait to share the video with you next week and hopefully regain my voice along with it ;)