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Engaged: Johnny + Criselda

These two.  These two together is something quite beautiful.  As individuals they are some of the most giving, relational, and God-chasing people Jose and I know.  And together?  It's the sweetest love...

How impeccable are their outfits?!  I love the electric blue (one of their wedding colors).  

But you know what's electric?  Johnny and Criselda.  Together.

I can't think of anything better than this kind of love.  One that inspires people.  And for me to record the beginning of Johnny and Criselda's love story is taking part of what God has called me to do with my photography.

Their wedding is going to be electric.  Electric I tell you :)

Bella: Rendezvous in the Desert

Sometimes I just don't have much to say (which is quite rare, let me tell you).  This is one of those moments.  I type something -- then I delete it.  This post is meant simply for the images.  So here you go....

One of my favorites on the left.  Embodies the part of the desert that I love :)

This could not have been possible without the ever-great planning of Heather Diehard and the wardrobe that Elle Campbell worked so brilliantly in front of the camera.  Cool was just spilling off of Elle.  Sometimes it's just that simple.  A skirt, a girl, and the sun.  I'm a lucky girl.

p.s. The skirt is from Anthropologie.  Because, yes, I was wondering too.

Bella: Red Lips and Body Art - Nicole Agbayani

There I was, at the PhoenixONE expo event, slightly sleep deprived from creating my first gallery display, but full of adrenaline to be surrounded with other artists.  After finishing my set up, I walked around the church to visit the other displays.  The last table I get to is a display of necklaces -- but not just any display of necklaces.  There were these long, delicate chains holding bullets with rustic feathers attached to them.  And this is where I first met Heather Diehard and her line Ransom Me.

The mission of Heather's business is "to give consumers the opportunity to help ransom a life held captive in sexual servitude."  On her blog she describes the project as "juxtaposing the beautiful and organic with the destructive and industrial" illustrating "the hope that exists in the midst of pain."  Wow.

After running into each other a couple of times, we decided to get together for coffee one day and planned a collaboration shoot that focuses on people's individual style.  This girl is my Jay during these shoots (ANTM anyone? :) and clearly knows people with incredible taste.  You should also hear her knock-knock jokes.  Cla-ssic.

So Nicole Agbayani is the first to grace us with her lovely, oh-so-bold red lips and body art....
This is actually the driveway of where I live!

A close up look at a Ransom Me necklace
Don't you love the combination of the geometric dark hair, the red lips, dark dress and colorful tattoos?!  What I love most is the way women individualize their feminine traits.  We couldn't be more different... and that truly is the best part.

An Intimate Maternity: Christina -- Phoenix, Arizona

I can only imagine this little girl, who will soon make her appearance, will be as graceful and beautiful as her mom.

Can you imagine her soft, little feet wearing these pink slippers?! Having a little girl is oh-so-sweet :)

These are actually Christina's lacy slippers that she wore as a baby. Soon her little girl will have them on. You know how we all love wearing mom's shoes anyway ;)

And there's no question Daniel is going to take care of his girls :)


So sweet :)

Obviously parenting looks good on these two! ;)

Christina & Daniel -- thank you for sharing this incredibly intimate, and special moment with me. I can't wait to meet your little girl! She is going to be so loved by you both :)