outfit chronicles

Outfit Chronicles: Gold and Teal

top+necklace+belt: F21, pants: Ross, shoes: Last Chance

Oh, hey, guess what? This will be the only "WINTER" outfit you'll probably ever see in early 2013 from me because we are now shifting into 80 degree weather. Unreal!  Though if it's anything like Texas weather, I'm sure we'll drop down to the 50's in no time.

I can't complain though - it is the most perfect weather.  I met up with the girls from my dance team yesterday to practice and shared such a funny moment.  I had gone to church in a skirt, boots, and dressy top -- COMPLETELY forgetting I had agreed to practice at my friend's house (since our official class was canceled).  I borrowed a t-shirt and these capri sweat pants that made me look like a 14 year old (which will make sense with my story).  After about 1.5 hours of practicing with her front door open to enjoy the amazing weather, we take our water break.  Suddenly we hear music outside and confirm 2 seconds later that it is, in fact, an ice cream truck.  The four of us stop, look at each other, until I finally dart for my purse and yell let's do this!

We run outside, me in SOCKS and my 14-year old outfit, and we wave at the truck to stop.  After grabbing some ice cream, we SIT ON THE CURB AND EAT IT!  Just-like-the-movies.  Ironically enough, I never actually did this as a kid.  I, instead, had the paleteros growing up who also sold pickles, hot cheetos, and chicharrones covered in tapatio hot sauce.  Yes, I'll still trade a Powerpuff girl popsicle (WITH bubble gum eyes) for hot cheetos any day.  But eating ice cream on the sidewalk curb in 70 degree warmth with friends?  Flaming hot can't top that.

Outfit Chronicles: Maxi Skirts

I love long skirts.   Especially ones with a crazy pattern.
top: Plato's Closet, skirt: F21, bracelet: F21

So tonight will be Dapper's first obedience training class!  I'm sure they stand a better chance against those puppy eyes.  Right before we set his bowl of water down, we have taught him the "sit" command.  The funniest thing is when he is SO thirsty that when I say "sit!" one of his legs starts to tremble from excitement of getting water and trying so hard to sit still.  Hahaha.

In other news, my mom is coming into town one week from today!!  This will be the first time she visits Jose and I in Arizona.  I'm pretty excited and crossing my fingers the weather stays under 100 degrees.  We will be heading to Sedona at the end of the week and I will be photographing a wedding that Saturday.  Stay tuned for some upcoming Motion shoots!  And I'm halfway through my first roll of film... I may just finish it with random stuff JUST so I can develop it.  Makes me antsy and excited :)

Outfit Chronicles: Stripes and Skirts

Talk about falling off the outfit chronicles boat!  Is it boat? Horse?  I can't remember.  I actually have 3 outfits I haven't posted!!

So I absolutely love this skirt.  I get a lot of compliments on it -- but people think it's a dress!  I switch out the top, sometimes add a belt to cover the black waist line, super comfy, and it's long enough for me  to wear when I shoot.  Versatility and comfort, yes please.
top: H&M, skirt+accessories+shoes: F21 

This week has been so interesting for me.  I've realized the power of words.  Within tweeting the phrase "awkward :(" yesterday evening, my friend Octavia immediately called me to see if things were okay.  Nothing too bad happened, just a mistake that I failed to catch and made me highly wish the world of google mail had an UNSEND button.  Gotta love those friends who just call you on a whim like that :) They are special for sure!

I will go ahead and admit to you that I am ALL OVER the place in my head.  Video is starting to pick up and... and ... guess what I purchased? A FILM camera (*cue fireworks* say what?!).  So as I started to feel like I had a hold on things in regards to understanding the direction of my business, video starts to pick up steam (which is a complete blessing) and then I get this film camera and I'm like "ALE! what are you doing and where are you going?!"  And now I don't know.  No idea.  So that's where I am right now.  Over the moon happy, terrified, and confused.  But it's kind of fun, going back to this state of dreaming and rearranging my future... you know, with a few tears shed.

p.s.  I don't know if you ever read this post I had written, but guess what?  It's on the Verily Magazine blog! Propelled By Discomfort & Fear... give it a read :)

Outfit Chronicles: In the fields of Texas

Oh Texas.

My brother and I were in route to College Station when I suddenly jerked up in my seat (because I always make a commotion when I get an idea) and asked excitedly "is there a field we can pull over and do some photos?!"  

My brother then retorts: IS THERE?!  Where do you think we are, New York?! 

No, he didn't actually say that.  He actually told me about the PERFECT field not only for Outfit Chronicle photos... but for some graduation photos.  I only slightly get the whole Aggie thing, but good Lord there was a BARN dedicated to Aggies.  Calm down guys.  Hence, exhibit A:
Anyway, like I said before... must be in our genes but my brother (with such good direction :) rocked out my session.  He got the whole back-button-focus down to a T (random question: what the heck does "T" stand for in that phrase??).
This top is perfect for dance practice or for wearing over a swim suit.  Cause really, what else would a shredded back be good for?  Oh, that's right -- Texas road trips and Outfit Chronicles.

If you didn't notice, those pants are HIGH WAIST pants.  High waist my friends.  They make me feel... retro.  I love all the bright colors that are out for summer and as we all know, I am no stranger to rainbow tops, so seeing this one at Ross was the perfect addition to my t-shirt summer.

Thanks for stopping by! :)  P.s. I'm going to start an FAQ series soon, so e-mail me any photography/business/styling related q's your pretty little mind may have to alejandra (at) imaginaledesign.com

Outfit Chronicles: Desert Boho Chic ... in ... grass

I actually started this outfit in Phoenix (above) but re-did it in Texas in my mom's back yard (below) last week.  Hence the grass and not the Phoenix... dirt.  Just go with it ;)

Before we get to the outfit, I have to give a shout out to my BROTHER who took these photos! I'll show you a quick snapshot of how I walked him through it.  Obviously I set the exposure settings, but this brother of mine is a natural!  I would snap shots to teach him a certain composition I was looking for and he'd immediately nail it!
 But he's good at congratulating himself, so I'll leave it at that :P (And do you see that Aggie bling?!)

This top is actually from high school and I remember enjoying the feel and shape of it, but never being in love with the pattern.  Until now.  Stuffed in the back of my drawer, I started pulling this baby out and wearing it and received a lot of great feedback.  I paired it with my waist-high shorts, some gold accessories ... and I feel like a Phoenix native!  Or what I refer to as... Desert Boho Chic.

Don't you love that necklace?!  I have to admit I used to NEVER wear necklaces because I was such an earrings person.  Granted, I'm still all about earrings, but necklaces are growing on me.  I've been keeping my eyes peeled for this kind of necklace (which pairs perfectly under neutral button-ups too!) and found it at Forever 21!  Or as my mom likes to say -- "forever my age."  Bahaha.  Are any of your parents also delusional about their age?
Accessories + shorts: F21, top: high school purchase, shoes: my mom's! :D

Anyway, I just got in last night from a week of family, graduation, and my good ole' Texas home.  Crazy how much I have to catch up on, but that also means I have some great posts coming up ;)