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We're Out of Milk.. again?!

(My jamon iberico, queso, & pan baguette in Spain)

I knew things would change when we got married. And I especially knew our grocery bill would change. But I didn't realize HOW MUCH! We go through a gallon of milk every week, we probably go to the grocery store twice a week, and somehow I feel like we're always missing something (a veggie, a fruit, or... MILK!).

So I need some opinions... or advice. Here's the thing: I buy organic produce. Mainly, I buy organic milk and chicken. The milk isn't really a problem, but the chicken is definitely expensive. They don't typically sell organic "skinless, boneless, chicken tenders" in bulk. Also, instead of beef, we usually buy ground turkey which is leaner and not as expensive. I'm not a fan of fish, but I bought a blackened catfish at a market yesterday and it was DELICIOUS! So now I'm considering fish for more protein options.

Anyway, what I really want to know is: How often do YOU go grocery shopping? What do you typically run out of the most? I know this changes for every individual/couple according to their preferences (Jose is a cereal killer = milk is like water at our place ;). But I'd like to get an idea of what the "average" is -- whether you buy for one or two.

Do you always eat some type of meat for dinner? Or do you turn to other options for protein? Any tips on saving at the grocery store?

I even considered us getting a Costco account, but we don't even have kids! So I'm not sure if we would take advantage of the benefits in "bulk" purchases.
But the way we run out of milk, cereal, bread, and chicken is making me have second thoughts.

Maybe we're just skinny cows. What do you think?! :)