office decor

Office Decor Update

WHEW!  This weekend was incredibly productive in the Vidal house.  In fact, it was so productive that a DIY project was actually completed.  That's right folks -- toss the confetti this way because a project has gone from being 'pinned' to made in REAL LIFE.  

A paper chain hanging piece....

View the original pin here.  They did an 'ombre' paper chain, and while I was going to originally do that as well... do you know how expensive card stock is?!  The worst part (in regards to this project) is that you can only buy the paper in these LARGE packs.  So one pack of a pink color card stock will be $13 but that's only ONE shade.  If I bought 4 different colors -- that's at least $52 for just paper.  No thanks.

Instead, I found a four-color pack that had gray, tan, mint, and coral -- $13 (and how lucky to have found that beautiful color pack?! I mean, mint and coral?! Holla atcha girl).  Jose had the great idea to make the colors go into a wave vertically instead of horizontally like the original pin...

We partially joked that it was a modern, pastel version of the Mexican flag -- hahaha :)  I love it!!

Halfway through our project I ran out of double sided tape.  We made a quick run to Walgreens where I saw Lady Gaga on the Vogue cover.  I started thumbing through it in line and towards the end they had these heavy pages with these absolutely beautiful collections from Neiman Marcus.  I impulsively had an idea and tossed the magazine with my double-sided tape to scan while Jose raised his brow at me.

My idea: frame the images!!  So after buying some 8x11.5 frames at IKEA, I have framed these magazine images and will have to find a spot for them in my office....

Cheap, easy, and oh so pretty!  Sometimes those are the best projects, right? :)

Office Situation: Should I paint the oar?

Remember this inspiration I drew up for my office?

Except, instead of a branch I wanted to get an oar (i.e. paddle). Then I found one for $15 at a thrift store! Enter my...

I found a perfect spot to hang it as I've been decorating my office. I'm thinking the space between my curtains and book shelf.

But here's my question for YOU.

I can't figure out if I want to keep the wood color (and re-stain it)... or go for a modern look and paint it white?

Keep in mind that the white on the oar is magic photoshop. It isn't white yet, but that gives you an idea of what it could look like. My walls are cream so the white would stand out. Thoughts? Wood or white?

Office Decor: Feminine Design

It's the most feminine room you'll find in our house. My office. Scored some beautiful, silky curtains at Target and this gorgeous vase from IKEA. This was my original inspiration.

I want to find some brown branches to add more volume. And these are pieces of items on my desk and book shelf...

She draws ladies and gentlemen!

I know, I'll stick to photography :) It's funny how I'm really drawn to hand-drawn elements or watercolor. I think it says a lot about the style -- I love effortless imagery. What do you find yourself constantly drawn to?

Blank Slate: Time to Decorate

I mean, hello... wood floors?! AND MIRRORS!!

No seriously. I can actually practice my dance routines in here without busting my foot on a coffee table (in case you were wondering, two weeks later and my little toe is still healing). On top of that, the natural light that pours into this room is rejuvenating.

Obviously I'm pretty happy with the new condo we've moved into :) -- still renting!

Anyway, at IKEA Monday night Jose and I were shopping for some bathroom shelving units and in the middle of the textile sections, this beauty caught my eye...

At least, that's what the blanket whispered to me. To Jose it may have said "impulsive shopper." But whatever. Isn't it the perfect blanket for baby photos?! Or snuggling? Or just tossed as a throw in my new office.

That was me using my mirrored doors. Love, love, love it.

And since Jose didn't approve of the feminine ruffles for our master bedroom, I'm thinking of decorating my office with this feel:

Yep. I'm a sucker for ruffles.

Like always, with progress I'll share more photos of the new place :) But right now, lots of lovely boxes are surrounding me. EVERYWHERE. So I'm thinking a rowing paddle in place of that big branch would be pretty amazing. Thoughts?

Impulsive Decorating

Although our lease will be up at the end of July and we are considering moving to a new place -- I'm still decorating my office. I kind of gave up on the wall in front of my desk, but the other day I just had an impulsive moment to create a photo laundry-line:

I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but Jose seemed to really like it. I'll probably play around with it and add maybe some tissue flowers or more textured stuff. I really love having a small spot to put up my fashion photos + magazine inspiration.

Speaking of putting photos up, Jose and I are working on a project to hang up the photos I just printed without using frames!! Frames are insanely expensive when you have over 10 photos to hang. More on that later! :)

Any ideas for wall decor? How crazy would it be to have this chair?! Not functional, but definitely interesting to look at!