newsboy look

Outfit Chronicles: Newsboy Suspenders

It felt like a t-shirt and jeans kind of day. Unfortunately I can't ever just do t-shirt and jeans. Blame it on my mother or ... just because that's me ... but it's who I've always been. In fact, sometimes my problem was finding ways to dress myself down. I often worried that I would stand out as the girl who was dressing rather stylish for a very informal occasion.

And that was my fear... standing out too much. Being the odd-one-out. Drawing that kind of attention makes me suddenly want to hide or... blend in. Ironically the idea of blending in goes against every fiber in my body. I talk a lot, I love to tell stories, I like to dress with purpose, and I voice my opinion.

Things that inevitably single me out sometimes...

And that's what this journey of Outfit Chronicles and fashion in general has been to me. To literally put myself out there, yes... single myself out, and discover my tastes and styles. To embrace them. Don't get me wrong, this has involved quite a few disasters too. But even those disasters and awkward phases have made fear less... intimidating. The fear is still there, but it looks a lot prettier in heels ;)

So like I said, it was a t-shirt and jeans kind of day. I grabbed Jose's suspenders, my plaid Journeys, and a pair of earrings. Yep. My kind of t-shirt and jeans day.

suspenders: Hot Topic, t-shirt: CNN center, jeans: Zara, shoes: Journeys, earrings: boutique in Dallas

Having these thoughts today because in a few hours I'll be interviewed for the Phoenix New Times blog(!!) -- chatting about fashion :) And what the heck am I going to wear?!? I feel honored to be interviewed and wish I had the magic of articulation that Jose has. See, I teach him how to photograph and he teaches me how to articulate. Like peas in a pod we are.

Happy Monday! Wish me luck! :)