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A (Scarf) Weekend Wrap Up

I was so sure I'd be sick by today seeing how hectic these last few days were and how much my body temperature fluctuated. Sleeping in my grandma's room the night before the twins' session on Friday was a baaaad idea. I hardly got any sleep, and had a late start on Friday.

Despite being a little groggy that morning, the weather was beautiful. I came prepared with a tank top in hand, anticipating the sweat that would come on this warm day full of babies, heaters, and photo taking. It was silly how hot I got -- like pseudo menopause or something! But sweat is a small price to pay when you get to create memories for your family. Go ahead and roll your eyes at my awesome Hallmark statement cause I absolutely mean it! :)

Not only did I get to photograph the babies of the cousin I'm closest to, but then I got to photograph my best friend's FIRST baby, AND (AND!) I had a fashion session with one of my greatest friends from high school! Remember the candy-cane scarf I used on the twins? I brought it over to Kristen's house in case I'd want to wrap it around baby Kent. When I actually ended up using it, Kristen jokingly said: "You should have Lauren wear it at one point too so everyone you photographed used that scarf."


So I did just that. At first, the scarf served as a blanket for two...

And then it made its appearance on this bundle of cuteness...

Finally, it was held close by this sexy snow bunny! :)

Okay, so there's no snow -- but it made me think of snow bunny :P

How adorable, precious, SEXY, and amazing was this experience?! Funny how each one had a piece of me :) I love all of these people to death and you'll hear much, much more about them when I post their sessions individually. I seriously can't wait for you to see these!

Hope that made your Monday just a little bit :)

Sweating in the Winter: Behind the Scenes Newborns Photoshoot

It's cold in this house. COLD!!! My mom's house is pretty old and isn't insulated very well, so you can imagine how cold the downstairs is. I go to bed with sweat pants, a tank top, and a long sleeve on top AND three blankets.

Now, can you imagine a NAKED newborn trying to stay warm in this house?! The inhumanity!

Let me explain. My cousin Maggie had a set of twins just TWO weeks ago. TWINS! Two weeks old!! Needless to say I was SUPER excited to come home and photograph them.

We decided on my mom's house because we have large windows and I always use natural light with babies. For those of you that don't have a baby or don't photograph babies, you have to understand that babies -- mainly newborns -- can't regulate their own body temperature. This means that when they're naked, they will get VERY cold. Newborns are fun to photograph because they're mold-able, and sleep through a majority of the session.

Except when...

It's 68 degrees in your house!! You guys, I pulled out this huge heater blanket (stole from my grandma, actually), a mini-heater fan, TONS of blankets and this is what our dining room space looked like:

(Taken with my iphone)

Pacifiers everywhere, teddy bears, clothes, wipies, and my SWEAT! Good Lord, I don't know what I was thinking starting with a long sleeve. Twenty minutes into it I ran upstairs to change into a T-shirt and I was still extremely hot. Max and Alex -- were not :( They were crying, and my grandma propped her walker right by my "set" to sit down and watch, and aaaaaall I could hear was:

"Alejandra, tienen frio! Deja de quitarles la ropa! Mira, tienen FRIO!! Hasta me da frio viendolos!"


"Alejandra, they're cold! Stop taking their clothes off!! Look, they're COLD! I get cold just looking at them!"

*shakes head* I didn't know I would have an audience. It was so funny because when they finally settled down, I QUICKLY wrapped them up (together) tightly, and then Max started hitting his brother!! I was like "Max, you better behave because Alex is knocked out, sleeping! You were like this for 9 months... give me TWENTY MINUTES! Cooperate with me little guys." Hahaha. And they did! :) My cousin Maggie (their mom) was excited too yelling "hurry up!! Take the photos!!" But I had to make sure the lint was removed, the fabric was stretched out, etc.


That's all the sneak peek you get! Tomorrow we are going to my Aunt's who will have A) warmer house, B) more light, C) Did I mention warmer house? Let me get my bathing suit ready.

Aren't Alex and Max adorable?! I suppose you can't see their face. Hmm. You'll just have to take my word or wait for the photos. Oh, and I learned that when removing a pacifier from a sleeping baby, you must pull it out sideways at an angle (as opposed to straight out) so it doesn't scare me. Haha. Scare ME? I seriously typed that. Scare THEM. Thank you Maggie. Always a learning experience ;)