Babies: Declan Handley

Thirty minutes away. That might not sound like a very far distance, but to Jose and I -- we were considering not attending Cornerstone (church) because of how far it was. Having just moved here, I heard about Cornerstone online and it reminded me a lot of our very-missed, old church in Atlanta -- Buckhead Church.

After a couple of visits, we liked it, but didn't have any solid feelings about it. Until they came a long. Who is they? Well, we signed up for small groups almost immediately because we were excited to meet other married couples and connect on more than a social level. We didn't hear anything back that first week, so we started to consider trying a new church. Then...

Two weeks later we got a call from Kristin Hanson. You'll hear more about her later (here's a peek at her cutie). She invited us to their small group and all it took was one visit. We were hooked. The funny thing is that we had made plans to visit another church, but Jose and I didn't want to leave our small group. We decided to stay with Cornerstone and our decision was affirmed the more we attended! The worship service is incredible!!

I met Katie at our small group, along with her husband Mark, and baby Declan. They invited us to lunch one day after church, and they were a reminder of the amazing community Jose and I have received from our group. I'm definitely lucky to have met a group of amazing women who I can grow with here in Arizona. Obviously it wasn't very long until I got that cutie Declan in front of my lens! He has the BEST coo's! You'll notice that in the photos the way his mouth curves it's "coo's."

Unfortunately Mark was out of town for work, but I'm sure we'll have another round when Declan is a toddler with all three :)

I don't think Katie was expecting me to share this one...

but too hard to resist! ;)

His faces truly cracked me up! I'll give you my interpretations:

"Um, whatever was on my tongue -- not good. Is it sill there?"

There may or may not have been squealing when I uploaded these two on my laptop..

Beautiful :)

Hi there :)

And the coo's!!!!

"Did... did you just squeal? She's a strange one, this girl."

Thank you Katie for sharing these moments with me and allowing me to share my own passion with you and Declan.

Collage Making!

*testing testing* "Is this thing on?"

I have to give a huge shout out to Heather over at Heather Nan Photography. I stumbled across her photoblog via I ♥ faces and had to ask her about her beautiful collages! In actuality it is her photos that are beautiful b/c the collages are, turns out, quite simple to make. More time consuming than just uploading photos... but possible.

After giving me some pointers on making them in photoshop, she also directed me over to the CoffeeShop to check out the storyboard templates made into photoshop actions (!!). I have been there before, but WHY did I never see the collage photoshop actions?! Shame on me. I can design a logo, save-the-date, invitation, and who knows what else... but ask me to make a structured collage on Photoshop -- no sir! Jose (my fiance) always makes fun of me because the artist in me is not good with "rulers" and centering -- something I am working on mastering.

Ironically, as a bride I am also in need of these story board templates and Heather had no idea (maybe she does now, haha) how long I've been looking for this. SO, if I am enlightening any of you... you can get these actions here! And more at the CoffeeShop.

Evelyn Grace Hipp

Before I get to the beautiful baby girl I'm featuring today, some of you may be curious as to how the wedding went.

As I said before, this was my first client who hired me based on my work and not because I was a "friend" who was also a photographer. I met her on the floor of my building and happened to walk into the room when she was talking about finding wedding photography. After seeing my website she contacted me and a few weeks later, hired me :)

As a second shooter, I usually would leave before the wedding was over. Since this was my first full wedding, I was there the whole night. Boy! It was exhausting. You have to keep your energy up and be ready to be in 10 different places at once. I was also by myself, so I needed to be on my toes.

There were some things I was expecting to do that I didn't get to because the weather and time did not allow. However, I made use of my time before everything started to get EVERY detail shot I could think of (will get into details when I feature the whole post). I've learned so much about how important this is from reading all of the photoblogs & wedding blogs that I do. I have to admit that the advantage of being engaged is that I love reading wedding blogs, and doing so everyday exposes me a lot to understanding wedding photography.

I want to tell you about the WONDERFUL family and how sweet Karina (the bride) and her bridesmaids were. But I will get to that when I feature the whole post. Let's just say the experience was one where I learned that you can't get caught up in what you see in other blogs and magazines. For one, weather can change all of your plans. It rained and all around the beautiful venue it was muddy. So all of the shots I wanted to take of Karina & Tony by the lake, the benches, and the gazebo were no longer an option. Because everything got started a little late, we only took a few pictures of the two of them after all of the family portraits. So while I had all these ideas for the 2 of them, time & weather did not allow. The lighting is also challenging when everything is indoors or when it's cloudy outside.

Overall, as a photographer I pushed myself to use what I had to the best of my ability. I have to say that Tony (the groom) was the life of the party and truly hilarious. Luckily, I feel really good about capturing that spirit on camera and I can't wait to share it with you all :)

Now... I leave you with my first GIRL newborn shoot. Okay, there is just something SO adorable about photographing a baby girl that made my heart soar. I think it's being able to dress them up and add jewelry and even hair flowers! I can't wait to have a girl -- I hope I do!

Feet shots are my favorite!

Remember Alexander? His mom made me this cocoon :)

This is Evelyn's trademark "O" face :)

We were cracking up at this one when Evelyn just naturally made this pose! To which someone posted this link when Elise posted this picture on her Facebook album.

Do you remember when I told y'all I had bought this hat for this shoot?! This is it! :)

So beautiful!!

Awww :)

One of my favorites

Love this one...

I adore baby yawns and sneezes

They look in awe of her :)

Devin mocking Evelyn, hehe.

Devin, Elise, and Evelyn Hipp :) Thank you!

If you missed the video, you can watch it here


This week's theme is: PINK! I admit... I really like that color. I pretended in middle school I was not one of "those" pink lover girls. But, there's something about pale pink that captures my heart. I guess because it makes me think of babies... of new life... new love... something romantic, and something .... magical? Pink -- I like you.

Here is Evelyn -- and your first sneak peek at her upcoming post! My fiance referred to this as a baby Audrey Hepburn rendition ;)

Make sure to go check out the other entries in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!

Alexander Currier

I didn't have a sneak peek for Alexander, but I have something better: His full post! Thanks to the 3 day weekend, I was able to finish editing a majority of Alexander's pictures (I had about 10 I had to finish tonight which took me longer than I expected).

Alexander's eyes are TRULY storm eyes. They have clouds, reflections of oceans, and constantly developing. I mean, I have to say when I looked back at these photos I didn't realize how captivating his eyes could be. Thank you to Caitlin for providing me with a gorgeous backyard set up (yeah!! this was done outside!), along with the step ladder to help me get the shots I was too short for ;)

And without further adieu.... Alexander Currier

A little fuzzy, but love his expression

Alexander: "Hey, wait a minute, I recognize that face! I see her every waking second!" :)

One of my favorites! So much lint on those cute feet!

Tell me, how COMFY do these pants look?! Like the perfect pair of PJ's.... and YES, that is a zipper spot these pants have! No real zipper... but they make Alexander feel like a big boy.

And *gasp* the DOG!!! Completely hamming up the camera!! I gotta admit this one is one of my favorites... look at those eyes. This whole session had amazing eyes! haha.

These were in the backyard. How could I NOT capture these beauties?!

And last.... my ABSOLUTE favorite. It's like a painting to me. I have to say though, that tree is giving Alexander competition for being the most breathtaking element in this picture. But clearly, after you see Alexander's little baby bump, how can you not love this?!

(click to enlarge)

Can we just say it was a scene from Southern Living?! Beautiful home and beautiful family. Thank you Currier Family!