native american fashion

Bellas: Jasmine Vidal Native Fashion

I don't know if you've noticed that this has been the summer of Native American wear. And seeing as how I live in the desert... this has been quite fitting.

We went with two looks for Jasmine. The first is a more edgy, punkier Native American interpretation:

And the second -- a softer, bohemian interpretation:

I wish you could see the bottom right one in print. I ordered a metallic print and the colors are amazing -- one of my favorites!

What has been your summer clothing selection? I've been all over coral and recently getting into bright nail polish colors. And by bright, I mean neon. Go ahead, judge. My husband already did! Which will be opposite to what I hear is making a comeback this fall... KHAKI. Say what?

I might be making that up. Let's hope so cause khaki and I are like Spice Girls making a reunion tour with N'Sync. Just not right. But possibly interesting.

Your thoughts on khaki? Hope you enjoyed our rendition of Native American fashion. Happy Monday!