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Day 12: Must be a Mystery

Today is another featured post! But it also includes a photo from the guest feature :)

Jasmine Vidal:

"When I think of something feminine I think of the mystery of a woman. To many the mystery of a woman makes her alluring (and any man would tell you nothing is more 'unknown' than why she acts, what she's thinking - LOL). For instance, the understatements given with a glance, the feelings expressed through a look or tilt of her head. Women just have a way of being mysterious, and what better way to express mystery then with the gypsy pictures."

Yes, the mystery of a woman is quite luring! But I agree that it can also be frustrating ;) Understanding us can be so complex but yet we want to make it "seem" simple.

Heey, that's me :) You may remember us collaborating on a Carnival theme this past Holiday (uh-oh -- haven't posted the set yet!). I screwed my dinner up and now it's late so I'm having cereal :( Needless to say it's a blessing to have guest contributors! So what are you waiting for?!? Help a sister out! I even said cell phone pics, people :P

"Love matches are formed by people who pay for a month of honey with a life of vinegar." -Marguerite Gardiner, eighteenth-century salonierre

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