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Day 40: My Wedding Dress!!

Since it would be foolish to show you a picture of my wedding dress, I will share pieces of it :)

Yesterday I got my dress back from being altered and I love looking at it! As a little girl, I think there was possibly one or two times I thought about my wedding. You would think the way I am today I've been planning this all of my life. But no, I was not like that. I do remember drawing a little boy wearing a navy type of suit and saying that is the "theme" I wanted. At least I've always had that, thinking in "themes" ;)

When it came to my wedding dress, well, I didn't think I would have that moment of saying "this is the one." To be honest, I think that's such a ridiculous amount of pressure. I mean, who DOESN'T feel beautiful in a wedding gown?! I remember the first time I went to try some on, recently engaged, I loved the dresses -- but none stood out to me. After visiting 2 more stores in the following months and still not "loving" any, I started to fear that this whole "this is the one" was a made up lie by people who just wanted to feel confident about their choices.

One unexpected day, my friend Angela was coming into Atlanta and I spontaneously asked her if she wanted to come with me to try some gowns on. She was recently married and there was a boutique literally 5 minutes from my house that I wanted to visit. I made an appointment and we went. After I picked 3 gowns I wanted to try on, the woman asked me about my wedding. As soon as I gave her details of my "theme" her eyes grew big and said "I need you to try this dress on." She made me CLOSE my eyes while she slipped it over my head, and KEEP them closed while she walked me to the stage surrounded by mirrors. When I opened my eyes, I sucked my breath in. It was beautiful. It was as though someone crawled into my brain, fused my ideas of 2 different gowns, and spit it out onto their boutique, waiting to be worn by me.

The funny thing is, I was SO intimidated by how much I loved it, I had to go home and think about it.

And now... it's hanging in my closet :)

Thanks for letting me share that. When I wore my wedding dress, not only did it make me feel very feminine, but it reminded me of how my life will change in just a few months. And then... only then... will you get to see me wearing this dress :)

p.s. Tomorrow I'm sharing some exciting news!

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