my wedding colors

Colors and decorations - oh my!

So this was my first attempt at putting together an "inspirational board" -- and let me just say it took me a total of FIVE HOURS! First of all, I ended up making FOUR, yes four! Then, since I am really adamant about giving credit, I made the longest list of where I got all these pictures. Blah. Almost didn't want to be that thoughtful.. hehe. Almost.

First, check out this picture my friend Jessica found. The catering company we're talking to said it's more "economical" to keep their white table linens and use table runners, and/or seat covers, etc. for my color scheme. When Jessica sent this to me, I thought YES!

And she sent me a picture of this cake! Sophisticated ...

I liked it, but then I found one with a modern bird design I really liked from Patti-Kakes.... (but imagine with many more layers of course).

So, I took a stab at my color scheme and here are my creations. On this first clipboard, check out the couple doing what looks like shots. I liked the playful background with the paper lanterns (which I am DEFINITELY using) and huge balloons. [Jasmine -- remember the joker balloons we got for Jose's birthday?! We could definitely get some of those :P]. As a matter of fact, I might throw in more of the decorative lanterns like the one on the bottom center with the gold fish. (Click on image to make WAY bigger :)

Aren't those teal shoes on the bottom right cute?!?! Too bad nobody actually gets to see your shoes! This second one has more of the vintage style I'm going for. Notice the teal brochettes, the vintage photos on the top right corner, and those earrings that i LOVE from SaffronSparrow (not for the wedding) on the bottom right-center.

Now this next one is one of my favorites! I was getting the hang of this.... I LOVE, LOVE the flower in the girl's hair on the top left! The bouquet on the bottom left is really pretty too. Simple. I love these versions of teal... they're sophisticated but still pop. For example, the flower in the girl's hair is a combination of a bright and calm teal (oxymoron). And don't you love that bench?!

For this last one, look at this red wedding dress!! WOW! It's absolutely beautiful!! However, I could never imagine myself doing any other color from white or ivory. But for those that dare -- this one is gorgeous! Another must -- that red chandelier!! AHH! I MUST HAVE IT!! It compliments the vintage-modern style beautifully! My favorite flower is a star gazer and I found a blue one on the top left. Also pay attention to the top right - those lanterns are so cute!

Hopefully you are getting an idea of how I want to be playful, yet vintage/sophisticated with my wedding and the color scheme. I want to have such unique and different elements -- but still keep some traditions (for ex. very different dress, but traditional long train and veil). On a cute note, I told Jose that I have agreed on having a long veil. He said "You can have a short one if you want -- it's your wedding." I insisted and said "No, because I want to walk down the isle in a veil covering my face and have you pull it back at the altar." And when I said that he shook all giddy, got big eyed just thinking about it, and flashed me a smile. Too cute :) :)

If you have suggestions -- feel free to pass them along! (I have not posted all of the image-links. I still have to credit the rest of the images -- which will be completed shortly).