motion stills

A Pink Bedtime Story

Her soapy toes.  Insisting that heeled slippers are made for bedtime.  The exhilarating desire to jump on anything that bounces. Story time with Dora. Cuddling, coloring, and crying.
I can't really express how much I love these sessions.  These are the kinds of memories I'd love to have with my children someday...

My favorite kind of bed time stories :)

Motion Stills: The Denny Family

When I first began to dream up the idea behind Motion shoots -- I pictured this exactly.  I'm not going to lie, my fear was always that I couldn't handle both types of media all at one time.  There are moments where I have to decide -- do I freeze it as a photo or do I film it? I can't literally do both.  I have to choose those moments as they happen.

Could I provide families with not only a film, but a set of images that they can frame?  

After I left the Denny family's home -- my heart was skipping.  I did it.  I immediately called Jose, almost in tears at my excitement.  I know I'm supposed to be doing this.  And not simply "this" as filming and photographing -- but the ability to truly immerse myself with the family.  The freedom of the kids letting go and letting every raw moment just be.  Though really, this couldn't have been this way had Karie (the beautiful mama) and I not taken the time to plan ahead of time. 

In the end, it is the parent who knows them best.  We dream together.  And let me tell you, Karie Denny is one of my absolute favorite persons to dream with.  This girl is something special! Here's a peek of a few stills from our motion session.  Please watch the film if you haven't yet!

One of my absolute favorites ;)

I can't wait to meet more families and dream with more mamas :)