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Tara and Lee: A Wedding Film

You need to see this in motion to really understand the kind of party these two had.  I think they would have sped up the ceremony because they were anxious to have their first kiss as husband and wife and get their boot-wearing, throw down party started.

Tara had me and my crew laughing.  She is one of those girls that cries and laughs at the same time because she can't contain her excitement.  Those set of trees around them?  Her brother built that.  He and his wife created the forest setting Tara envisioned.  If you need a craftsman, you need to get a hold of this guy!

My favorite part of motion is that you get to see their story come to life in such a different way.  A way that puts you right at their day...

A Magnetic Love

He had eyes for absolutely no one else.

I posted on my Facebook yesterday that I may have just edited one of my most favorite films -- mostly because of the people in it.  Amanda and Brian.  They had no idea that I was filming pieces of their day to create a highlight film.

An elephant ring on her finger, three brilliant stars in the sky, and two hearts that were devoted to love each other like Christ loved the church.  I can guarantee you have never heard an engagement story like Amanda and Brian's (this is your cue to read it ;).

And in that moment as they made their vows to each other, shared their first kiss (literally their first kiss), I had never witnessed such magnetic, thrilling, and inspiring love.  I get to capture this?  Yes, yes, yes.  What a gift.

Amanda and Brian..

p.s. Guess who was my assisting videographer? My husband.  And guess who was BLOWN AWAY? This girl right here.  I watched what Jose captured and I just shook my head in awe that this was his first time.  Oh, and don't you worry -- the second I said this to him, he let the whole world know (as in, that's all I heard about that afternoon).  Totally deserving.  He snuck this talent on me for sure, and I absolutely love it ;)

Desert Style with Promise Tangeman

Promise and I had a style shoot/puppy date/dinner with the hubs a couple of weeks ago.  You guys should have seen her dog Parker with our 8 week old Dapper.  Oh my word, the cuteness was too much.  Clearly Dapper doesn't have a concept of size yet -- he just saw FRIEND, haha.  I saw mini lion in comparison to Dapper, haha.  Evidence:

So while those two were having wrestling matches, playing tag, and getting into trouble -- Promise and I snuck out to do a quick style shoot.  Jose kept Brian company while Brian cooked an incredibly delicious dinner for all of us.

Back to the shoot.  Um, YES, I was definitely nervous.  Promise is a beautiful girl who has been photographed by incredible artists -- no pressure, right?  AND to top it off, there was this stubborn WIND that wouldn't go away!!  I think the first 10 minutes were the most nerve wrecking and the funny thing is that doing video while I shoot helps me to focus.  So as I would record, I would take a deep breath and tell myself "chill out." Haha.  After we shifted to a different spot, I started getting into my groove and eased into doing what I do...

Promise is truly a rockstar with oh so many talents.  She is incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and with the style that she has, I was so honored to be the one behind the camera capturing it.  Promise and I both love video, so of course we couldn't have a style shoot without one.  Video is taking over my mind!!! And I'm completely okay with that :)

Hope you enjoyed this special style post!!

A Frida Kahlo Wedding Inspiration: Part I

Why Frida?  I don't know what it is about Frida Kahlo but it all started when I was engaged and planning my wedding.  Something about Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican surrealist painter often depicted for her unibrow, inspired the theme for even my own wedding.  It wasn't long before I knew I wanted to open pandora's box with Frida once again.  But this time with my feet running so that I could create something a little like this...

(Full screen for full effect! Hit play then pause to make sure it's all loaded for best viewing experience ;)

I would describe Frida's work as folksy with layers of darkness.  I wanted to modernize the theme but ring true to the colors of Mexico.  My goal was to create a wedding theme inspired by Frida Kahlo -- infusing bits of Mexico, bits of fashion, and the ideas that often dance in my head.  There was so much heart poured into this not only by myself but many other artists who collaborated with me.  I will describe in much more detail their contribution in other posts when I also share the images.  For now I hope you enjoyed the first introduction to my Frida Kahlo series.  A project I've longed to quench for quite some time :)

Hair Accessories and Styling Assistance - Jennifer Wood of Mignonne Handmade  
Dress - Monique Sandoval of Ouma 
Invitation Suite - Kendra Enriquez 
Hair and Make up - Jessica Gallegos 
Location - Jennifer Bush of Chateau Studio 
Floral Design - Emily Burton 
Decor items - Shannon Sadik of Modern Revival 
Model -- Jessica Zindel of The Agency Arizona

Motion: A Sedona Roadtrip

I love making road trip videos.

(hit play then pause to make sure it loads all the way before watching :)

To be blatantly honest with you, I don't know what my future in motion is yet, but each time I make a road trip video -- it makes me feel alive.

Within the first 10 minutes of the climb we had reached a flat area that overlooked the mountains and I yelled out "wait!!" to Jose.  I asked him to walk ahead so I could get some photos of him.  But after a few frames he smirked and responded with "you know, this isn't a photoshoot."  Thank you very much Mr. Vidal.  But little did he realize I was also taking VIDEO.  Who's thanking me now? :)

I think one of the main reasons I love making road trip films is because I see them as mini movies of adventure.  I film and edit so that others can be a part of that adventure.  I know I've said this before, but that's why growing up I use to dream about working for Nike or Gatorade.  Their commercials made me feel alive -- like I went through that adventure with them.  Or that I wanted to run 10 miles with gatorade dripping down my temples and the perfect piece of music jolting me forward.  I know... so dramatic.  Story-of-my-life.

I hope my videos make some of you feel alive :)