messy eater

Messy Lovin'

You could imagine someone like this...

drinking milk out of the carton, right? But me? No way.

So you will be as shocked as I was when we found a lipstick mark on the lid of our plastic cereal containers. You know, the large ones that look like this:

Jose usually pulls this out of our pantry when he gets home from work to snack on cereal before dinner. We were sitting on the couch talking when all of a sudden I hear him say "no way" and point to the container. I see the shimmery pink tones of my lipstick and immediately repeat his "NO WAY" in defense. A small, but very obvious lipstick mark is on the lid of the cereal container.

WHAT?! I just shake my head and don't bother defending myself. How can I? It's obviously lipstick. The hilarious thing in all of this is actually imagining myself trying to eat cereal that way. It's ridiculous. But somehow I managed to leave a lipstick mark on the freaking LID of all places. I still argue that the lipstick got there by mistake -- potentially bumped the lid against my lips. A mistake. Obviously.

Unfortunately in this house, and with evidence of how I eat.... that story is not flying :(

That's me eating a hot dog and the sauce somehow spilling on my hand.

Speaking of! This Saturday we made a spontaneous stop at the local farmer's market which involved visiting the food truck, Short Leash Hot Dogs. Jose and I split the Igby dog which had coleslaw, crumbled blue cheese, and tangy BBQ sauce on naan bread. YUM!

Food makes us happy :) Especially enjoying it on our new balcony furniture.

Despite the frustration he has with his hair sometimes, I do love those little curls that make an appearance every now and then .. :)

We also picked up some sun-dried tomato pesto from this delicious hummus station..

You have to understand that every meal that contained a tortilla growing up, for me, meant eating with the tortilla. Not as a side... but as a utensil. I am a PRO at using bread of any kind to eat my food with. And sometimes, even when it's unnecessary, much to Jose's dismay. Gotta take the good with the bad, right?! ;)

See, I don't believe I'm really a messy eater as much as I am a hands-on eater. My hands will be messy... but not my surroundings. Ahem. Jose, your biased thoughts don't count.

Are you a messy or hands on eater?