Day 46: Smells

Like I mentioned yesterday, on my way home from work I had an idea for my daily photo. I had a tangerine that I was about to eat, but since I was driving, I would randomly bring it up to my nose and smell it. I loved how fresh, slightly sweet, and fruity it smelled. Then this lead me to thinking about perfume and I got the humorous idea of pretending to "spray" my tangerine like perfume.

I got the shot, but when I tried to take a picture of my actual perfume bottle "spraying" -- I would press the remote to take the photo and ended up spraying myself in the face. I deleted one of the pictures where I was literally cringing RIGHT as I hit "click." You should have seen my face. I regretted deleting it so quickly because it would have been really funny to show. I am going to have to get an image of a "spray" somewhere online or re-create it on photoshop. But in the mean time.... here are my other attempts to recreate these senses for you:

I can't say that smells are a "feminine" thing, but I know that I LOVE my sense of smell. There are so many associations I make with it, from someone's skin to food sizzling on the pan (why do my grandma's hands always smell like garlic?), and perfumes that people in your life have claimed naturally. Smell = memories. Smell = comfort. Smell = repulsion. Some good and some bad.

My favorite memory of smell is my lunch money. When my mom would give me a dollar bill, it ALWAYS smelled like her perfume and her spearmint gum. Just like the second picture, I'd hold it up to my nose, and smell it for a few seconds, comforted by the funny combination (and oh so feminine like my mother). What's your favorite smell or memory?

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