Expecting Baby Tinquist

Dan and Danielle :) 

I met this sweet couple at our church (Cornerstone) when Jose and I first moved to Phoenix.  Then we started volunteering at Merge, the high school group, and watched Dan lead worship every Sunday morning.  Now he's going to be a dad!  I was super excited when Danielle asked me to capture her maternity.

Dan had me cracking up during the session and we may or may not have said "baby daddy" a few times.  These two... they're going to be such fun parents :)

An Intimate Maternity: Christina -- Phoenix, Arizona

I can only imagine this little girl, who will soon make her appearance, will be as graceful and beautiful as her mom.

Can you imagine her soft, little feet wearing these pink slippers?! Having a little girl is oh-so-sweet :)

These are actually Christina's lacy slippers that she wore as a baby. Soon her little girl will have them on. You know how we all love wearing mom's shoes anyway ;)

And there's no question Daniel is going to take care of his girls :)


So sweet :)

Obviously parenting looks good on these two! ;)

Christina & Daniel -- thank you for sharing this incredibly intimate, and special moment with me. I can't wait to meet your little girl! She is going to be so loved by you both :)