lipstick series

A curious soul

A preview of my shoot with Katie - photographer of La Rousse Photo which means the redhead in French. I knew from our interaction that we would work great together. I mean, when someone says "red lipstick" - you pretty much have me there - BUT, on top of that, she loves movement ... the unpolished-in-between as much as I do.  At first I thought these photos were going to be for her website since she's a photographer, but right before we began our shoot, I realized Katie just wanted this experience (and the images of course).  She felt connected to my work. More than anything, Katie wanted to walk away with "something different."

And I hope that's what I gave her ;)

Bella: Meilan Lipstick Series

I came across this quote on my wedding photographer's blog last year and it describes perfectly the essence of the Lipstick Series:
One of the most enduring and stylish metrics for measuring the severity of hard times is sales of red lipstick. First noted during the dark days of Wold War II, when the popularity of the glamorous but relatively inexpensive pick-me-up skyrocketed, it has proven to be a surprisingly accurate barometer ever since. But it goes beyond makeup. Time and time again, when the going gets tough, the tough get glowing. -- Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits by Glenda Bailey

It really wasn't until the middle of last year that my interest in lipstick started to spark.  I used to think red lipstick was over-powering or "too much."  Boy, was I wrong.  From red to fuchsia pink, I am a fan.  But I have to admit it that wearing red lipstick takes some guts :)  Are you a fan of lipstick?  I hope to bring you more lipstick series in the future! 

Huge thanks to Meilan Mizell for rocking out this shoot!  And my girl Hannah Hayes of Heroine Chic for the styling :)

A Peek at What's to Come

Simply inspired by... lipstick.  I want to fill you in on an idea I have for you.

I thought about the simplicity and beauty of lipstick -- the kiss of femininity.  Then I thought, I wonder if women are afraid to get photos of themselves because if feels like a hassle.  What do I wear? Do I look good enough right now? But what if we took some of those worries away and made it simple?

The right lipstick.  The right light.

It brings me back to one of my most absolutely favorite sessions.  This one.  Because at the end of the day, I don't want you to worry about a lot of stuff.  I want you to have at least one photo where you smile and you say "well, dang... I look good."  :)  So, if any of you are interested -- I'm in the works of setting up short sessions based on this concept with about 5 slots.  I'll have more details very soon, but just wanted to give you a head's up.  

Full post of this stunning session next week!