let your hair down

Day 32: Let Your Hair Down

Today's is very uplifting. Every time I see these I can't help but smile. It's a combination of feelings that I associate with these images along with the memories of family time. Taken this past weekend in Alabama, I asked Jasmine to give me some wild hair shots. She snapped a couple of me too, and here's just a peek :)

There's no need to hide,
grab your purse and your keys,
Come on out, let the world inside
Girl it's time to play
'Cause tomorrow's untold
Let your dreams unfold your day
-Dwele, Let Your Hair Down

"Women's studies is a jumble of vulgarians, bunglers, whiners, French faddists, apparatchiks, doughface party-liners, pie-in-the-sky utopianists, and bullying, sanctimonious sermonizers." -Camille Paglia, audacious academic
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