jasmine star

Desert Rendezvous: A Motion Brand Film

So remember the “less chronological, more emotion and mood” films I alluded to on Monday? It’s time to dive in.
It started with an idea – a desire to highlight a brand based on how it feels. Or rather, how the brand wants you (the viewer) to feel.  I imagined collaborating with a team of artists and storytelling a brand together. I’m talking plenty of planning and professional styling.
And what do we do with crazy ideas?! Make them happen!  Fortunately, Jasmine Star found the idea crazy enough to believe in it. When I mentioned the idea of bringing styled shoots to life – of bringing one component of her editorial brand into a motion piece instead of a talking piece, she rocked my world with a big fat “HECK YEAH.” 

Fun. This is the word that Jasmine Star said she wanted the video to feel like in order to represent her, to represent her experience.  After coming up with a concept, I placed it in Alex’s hands to translate those elements into apparel. As the art director, she selected a team of hair and make-up artists, and a prop stylist that would realize the vision. The day of the shoot Jasmine and I tag teamed with our couple, filming and photographing them in ways that told a very specific component of her brand story.  It was thrilling to be shooting alongside Jasmine and playing off of her energy.

Aaaaand, well, that is where Desert Rendezvous was born. This is that piece in motion:

Photography: Jasmine Star, Styling: AVE Styles, Prop Stylist: Misha West, The Agency AZ, SN Makeup, Hair by Kim Cornwell, Location: Jennifer Bush

The amazing team up there :) You should check out Alex's perspective as a stylist and Jasmine's perspective on this project.

As Jasmine and I drove to dinner that night, I sometimes had moments of disbelief that she was there, sitting beside me in my car. She was so good about asking me questions that forced me to verbalize what I really wanted to be doing with video. On the way to dinner that night, I said, “this is it Jasmine. This is exactly what I want to do more and more of.”  You could TOUCH the energy that day. And I believe that comes from the power of a team over the strength of just one.  That is exactly where I want to be.