hunger games

Hunger Games: The Eyes Are Blind

I... am... reading... Hunger Games. YES. FI-NA-LLY. This book has taken me back to those obsessive moments that I use every second to read. Water boiling? Read. Waiting for Jose to finish brushing teeth? Read. Commercial? Read.

And slowly I am noticing Jose's annoyance with my constant reading. I think he purposely tries to have a conversation with me during those pauses JUST so that I won't read!!

So today I've thought about Katniss' character and her description of her senses. How they allow her to hunt, one sense relying on the other. I get so engrossed in the story that I feel those desires and need for my senses too. I cried for Rue and hid my face so Jose wouldn't make fun of my ridiculousness. And then I'll feel that way about a photo. I'm inspired by an emotion and just create something. Today, it's about the eyes being blind (taken from my Rustic Winterland series). I don't know why or where I pull it from, but a photo literally demands that graphic attention from me. That it's more than just a picture. And sometimes all it needs is some writing.

I know I'll be finishing up the Hunger Game series in a matter of weeks, so what book should I obsess over read next?! And which are you currently in love with?

Happy Friday :)