how to make indian head piece for fashion photos

How to Make an Indian Head Piece for Fashion Photos

... or for Halloween. Whatever tickles your fancy.

1. Buy REALLY long feathers for dramatic effect (we used these).

2. Buy smaller feathers to decorate the rest of the head piece in whatever color scheme. I bought mine from Bella Regalo on Etsy.

3. Make life easy: buy a cheap, pre-made Indian head dress from Halloween store or online (found here)- $10

4. Take apart the cheesy looking feathers and cover them up with your pretty ones. Pick a style, then hot glue those suckers!

5. Add some kind of embellishment (if you have any or would like to), to make your head piece stand out:

6. Rock it out.

Which is exactly what Jasmine and I did. And possibly some video ;) But you'll have to wait for the rest when I get back from Cali!

Wish me luck friends. I'm off to be a counselor for a week at Hume Lake for 9th graders where I am pretty sure God will have me experience some really uncomfortable, exciting, exhausting, and unforgettable moments. No internet or phone access. I decided for my activity to teach the girls to make these feather hair extensions. The theme is bedazzled cowboys -- so not quite cowboyish, but clearly I have "Indian" on the brain ;) Cowboys and Indians. The connection makes sense to me. Si?

p.s. I'll miss y'all but fortunately for you (and me) there will still be posts next week. A friend. A lover. And a blast from the past.