how to create a styled wedding shoot

Part I: How I created my first styled photoshoot

Finally! I've been wanting to write up a post on the creation of my Frida Kahlo inspired wedding shoot. This was my first (and so far, only) styled wedding shoot so I am by no means an expert.  But the overwhelming response has encouraged me to share my thoughts on the process so I decided to break down the 3 steps into 3 different posts. Let's get started with the first.

Number One // CONCEPT.  To me, this is by far one of the most important. If you know me, you know that many of the decisions I make for my business have to line up with my brand. In fact, that is a topic that can have its own blog post, but I'll leave it alone for now.  Your concept should consist of two things: consistency with your brand and a theme that inspires you.

Wedding blogs should inspire you but DO NOT REPLICATE! My number one goal for the outcome of my Frida shoot was to be published in a magazine (accomplished!!). I knew that the only way I had a chance for that was to create something that would stand out. Be different. Granted, you still need to connect with the audience so you can't make it SO different that it's irrelevant. But you should create something that will inspire brides to think differently.  What is the NEW mason jar, vintage suitcase, and typewriter?! And so, that is the rule I stuck to with my pinning....

You can see on my Frida Pinterest board that I pinned those wildflower ice cubes. LOOOOOVE this! I mean, what a genius and extremely easy way to incorporate beautiful details for a wedding. Imagine a cocktail hour with blush drinks and ice cubes with edible flowers?!  THAT is what I imagined.  

I decided to come up with at least 5 trends that I believe brides could actually incorporate into their wedding and would stand out (if executed correctly):
  • Blush drinks
  • Blush wedding gown
  • Flower ice cubes
  • Artistic/Regional stamps for invites (which didn't pan out but the invites themselves? Holla!)
  • Punches of colors in accessories / eclectic accessories (hello, roach ring?).

Seriously, I don't expect a bride to wear a roach ring. Would modern day FRIDA wear a roach ring? Heck yeah. THIS is the time to be daring. To break some rules and create a vision that will further your brand. So start with at least 3 new trends (or a new spin on an old trend) and from that make a list of the kinds of details you need, your location, and styling. 

Next step we'll cover? THE TEAM.