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Outfit Chronicles: White Pants

Nothing to do with my outfit, but I just had to show this to you...

Those are Jose's feet peeking out from the dining room table. This boy loves to work on the floor -- specifically on his stomach. I can't tell you how many times when he was in grad school and over at my place that I'd walk out of the restroom and find him passed out on his books, on the floor, face down. Who says he needs a desk? Not you buddy boy!

But back to my outfit. WHITE PANTS!! Holla dolla, I love these pants...

I got them in Spain, but I got them a size up because the ones that fit like "true" skinny jeans made my skinny legs feel like sausages! Yes, it's possible. I didn't realize at the time that's how skinny pants are SUPPOSED to feel like. I've learned my lesson and I now own black, skinny jeans that sometimes make my circulation pause.

Brown wrap: Wet Seal (back in my teeny bop days), Striped tube top: from my bestfriend -- still have it! :), white pants: Zara (they have this store in the U.S. too!), shoes + bracelet: F21, necklace: Frances boutique (in Phoenix)

Don't you love this necklace?! And why does my hair look red?! Seriously, it has been a year since I've messed with my hair color (and that was to make it a dark brown! All non-permanent stuff though).

Jose so kindly said I'd lose cool points if I posted this photo on my blog....

But look how perfectly wide my eyes are, and the weird creases around my mouth that look like I'm straining to stick my tongue out. So cool. You needed to see this.

And once again, I attempted to take a photo of Jose's butt as we left the balcony.


Persistent, friends. I'm what they call persistent.