hair DIY tutorial

Holiday Hair Inspiration

I am pretty sure I have been on a gold kick for this entire past year now.  Jose says women are confusing because 3 years ago I used to "hate" gold.  I am pretty sure I didn't say "hate" but more like "gold is for old people."  Clearly I didn't know what I was talking about.  Women ARE confusing.

Anyway!  I think we all want to wear something relatively sparkly for the New Year celebrations, right?  And if you don't have time/money/energy for a new sequin dress/top/bottom, how about for your hair?  

I literally took a spool of gold sequins ribbon (from Michaels craft store) and wrapped it around Audree's head like a headband, pinned it to the back of her hair, then braided the strands with the middle section of her hair.  But you can do this so many ways!  All it takes is finding a way to pin the sequin strand into your hair and weaving it via braids or hair twist.  OR, how about make a sock-bun and then wrap the base of your bun with the gold sequin?!  So. Many. Options.

And best of all? Cheap and easy.  Though I can't help but laugh at mixing the words cheap, gold, and easy.  Just throw in the word "purple" and you've got a Holiday Pimp right there.  Hey. I couldn't help myself.  This is what happens when I don't have a proof reader people!

Here's to a glam New Years' celebration :)