groom's cake

Groom's cake

After having so much trouble with our wedding cake trial, our only back up plan is to use our caterer. I mean, what else can I do? That bakery I went to is not an option. I can't taste these Houston cakes from Atlanta...

BUT, I did taste the tres leches from my caterer (Cordua), and they have THE best tres leches cake in Houston! So what am I worried about? It's not cheap. Fortunately, our guest list has dropped by 25 guests since it's an out of town wedding and that means LESS plates to pay for! This would put us just fine with the wedding cake, except now we have to consider having a "mini" cocktail hour because of the photography!!

Call it stubbornness or tradition, but I don't want to see Jose before the ceremony. I know that so many photographers tell their clients that it doesn't take anything away from you walking down the aisle, but in my heart -- I can't come to terms with that. I'm not saying that seeing your groom before you walk down the aisle makes that less special. But for *me* personally, I want to wait. However, this completely screws me over for photography because we have to -rush- through pictures after the ceremony so our guests aren't waiting longer than 45 minutes.

Realistically, as a photographer, I know that is HARDLY any time for pictures with your family AND your groom. My photographer is really non-pressuring about me seeing Jose -- she said she'll work it out either way. She even said she'd be willing to do pictures AFTER the wedding of the two of us since the wedding is over at 3:30 p.m. -- perfect lighting outside. The problem is that I'll be dancing during the wedding and may end up looking sweaty & tired after it's over. But maybe not?

Past brides? Did you find yourself sweaty and tired after your wedding? Maybe if I got my make-up retouched a little ... I could be fine?

Soooo, if I want to buy my photographer some time after the ceremony, then Jose and I need to add some cocktails = more $!! Maybe I can just get some french bread & different jams... haha. I mean, hello, it is brunch after all! And who doesn't love bread? Actually, we are having plantain chips with different chimichurri sauces, so we might bring those out with the fruit display and only have to buy one appetizer. That's enough to munch on, right? Fruit, plantain chips, and a meat appetizer? Thoughts?

Last -- Groom's cake. We still want to have a little something for Jose despite our own troubles with the wedding cake. Originally, when money was a fairytale and we were oblivious to actual costs, we wanted a MILK fountain surrounded by chocolate chip cookies! How cool would that have been?! A photographer had told us she did that for her wedding (Julie Wilhite). Then reality kicked in, and our new options are:

Get this... a rice krispies treat cake!!

I'm not obsessed with these, but Jose really loves them. Plus, he convinced his mom to make them so it won't be a disastrous investment. If you are up for the challenge, I got the scoop on Cake Central.

I found this Norwegian cake made of stacked, almond wreths (sp?) on Kiss the Groom:

And for our back up plan (which is my favorite), have a small assortment of pies:

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Because, you know, not everyone likes tres-leches cake (WHAT?!). I understand, I am also a chocolate lover...

SO! Tell me.. what do you think about the mini cocktail? Satisfied? And what do you think about pictures after the wedding? The great thing is we would have freedom to go anywhere outside our venue and spend as much time as we need (reasonably).