Lifestyle & Pets: Jenna Walker

Sometimes I have it easy. I get a friend, like Ms. Jenna Walker, who has striking red hair and striking blue eyes. While I have incorporated dogs in pictures before, this was my first formal "doggy" shoot :) I can't complain because Jules is a) small b) friendly c) well behaved. Like I said -- sometimes I have it easy.

Then she brought THE GREEN COAT. How sweet... she was thinking of ME! How did she know this green coat would look absolutely perfect against her red hair and blue eyes in pictures?! Oh Jenna. You shouldn't have. Okay, so that wasn't for me at all... but I do have to thank my clients who know what works for them so their pictures will "work it" :)

Jenna & Jules Walker

There aren't many red heads in my life. Are there many in yours? This is why you need one!

Then back at her house you see her love of vintage -- including the Christmas ornaments!

How cute is Jules looking up at Jenna?!

Bye cutie!