gold and teal

Outfit Chronicles: Gold and Teal

top+necklace+belt: F21, pants: Ross, shoes: Last Chance

Oh, hey, guess what? This will be the only "WINTER" outfit you'll probably ever see in early 2013 from me because we are now shifting into 80 degree weather. Unreal!  Though if it's anything like Texas weather, I'm sure we'll drop down to the 50's in no time.

I can't complain though - it is the most perfect weather.  I met up with the girls from my dance team yesterday to practice and shared such a funny moment.  I had gone to church in a skirt, boots, and dressy top -- COMPLETELY forgetting I had agreed to practice at my friend's house (since our official class was canceled).  I borrowed a t-shirt and these capri sweat pants that made me look like a 14 year old (which will make sense with my story).  After about 1.5 hours of practicing with her front door open to enjoy the amazing weather, we take our water break.  Suddenly we hear music outside and confirm 2 seconds later that it is, in fact, an ice cream truck.  The four of us stop, look at each other, until I finally dart for my purse and yell let's do this!

We run outside, me in SOCKS and my 14-year old outfit, and we wave at the truck to stop.  After grabbing some ice cream, we SIT ON THE CURB AND EAT IT!  Just-like-the-movies.  Ironically enough, I never actually did this as a kid.  I, instead, had the paleteros growing up who also sold pickles, hot cheetos, and chicharrones covered in tapatio hot sauce.  Yes, I'll still trade a Powerpuff girl popsicle (WITH bubble gum eyes) for hot cheetos any day.  But eating ice cream on the sidewalk curb in 70 degree warmth with friends?  Flaming hot can't top that.