Field Photos with Erika Tequia

Again.... I've had this shoot in mind for quite some time now. Finally, Erika and I drove out to Dallas, GA on a pretty hot Friday and made it happen! I, of course, brought along my vintage paraphernalia and Erika brought along some outfits. Believe it or not, the white "gown" she is wearing on the very last photo of this post is a vintage night gown from an estate sale. It fit her perfectly and oddly enough, it actually looks like a wedding gown! :)

Clearly the girl is beautiful!!

One of my all time FAVES!

Along with this one!

Haha, LOVE this one! I literally said "Okay, now I want you to stick your legs up like this" and VIOLA, her first try and she got it!

*sigh* This photoshoot made me really happy :) I hope you enjoyed it!

p.s. Do you like the hair flowers she's wearing? Stick around and you may be able to purchase one of your own... details later :)