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The Sweet Wedding: Johnny + Criselda - Gilbert, Arizona

With a last name like "Sweet" there are so many perfect, double meaning, sentences I could say about this wedding.

But their love, Johnny and Criselda's, is more than simply sweet.  It's the kind of love that takes the time to personalize gifts for their bridal party, the kind where tears fall out with laughs, the kind that charges people to be better, a love that has been nurtured from its start, where the celebration is hearty and the love is... well, sweet.  Those who know Johnny and Criselda waited anxiously with them because everyone had been waiting for this day, too.  Because this wedding was not simply a dedication to their life together, but a dedication to be something better together than they could ever dream on their own.

There's nothing quite like watching the groom fight back tears when he sees his bride for the first time :)

And that is the sweetest thought of all.  These two, together.

A special thank you to Denise Saucedo and her talents, who I knew I could trust to assist me on this wedding as my second shooter :)