friday links

Friday Links

This was taken in Arizona... where I'm heading to this weekend!

I can explain this. This absence... my behavior. In SIX days, it will be ONE M.O.N.T.H until I get married!


Like.. I wake up, get my hair done, and walk down the isle to commit to my fiance for the rest of my life. And dance. Lots of dancing. And pictures too :) Though I still haven't decided on a hair stylist (craaaap!!).

So you can see that I've been running around like a mad woman. Mainly getting ready to visit Arizona tomorrow, so the wedding planning itself has been frolicking in la-la land, ready to slap me when I realize what I've neglected.

To forgive me, I'm leaving you with my favorite links from the web that I'm pretty sure you will like too. Then you will forgive me, and I will tell you all about Arizona when I get back. Hopefully with an awesome tan. Or sunburn. You know, the order doesn't matter.

Mmmmmexican Sangria anyone?

My friend Meghan featured my Etsy site! Which now has the Art That Helps work up! 20 of us collaborated to create some art for YOU, where 100% of the proceed will go to Haiti. Promise Tangeman tells you all about it.

This girl's grandfather died, but she is honoring him by creating the CUTEST dresses and tops out of the clothes he left behind! I'm telling you -- PURCHASE worthy creations.

Wouldn't mind seeing this on my bedside table

Some inspiration for my upcoming move. You can bring NY to your home... even in the dessert ;)

I can see myself attempting to make this bedside cabinet

Oh my word. Libraries.

Dummy. I definitely thought the before was the after.

Drag queens meet Easter? Or just really creative people...

What a CUTE (and free!) stationary set.

Goodness, I love red.

LOL. These colorful piggies crack me up. Via ffffound.

He just wants to be a single lady.

If I was starting from scratch (meaning JUST recently engaged), I would be ALL over this wedding inspiration.

I got this AMAZING robe for my bridal shower (which was ridiculously awesome), and now I'm obsessing over this Etsy seller. Particularly her dresses.

Happy Friday everyone! Wish me luck finding our home this weekend (eep!!). And BTW -- I have to say that I got one of the most incredible gifts from my friends this week!! I can't do it justice by one line -- it needs its own post. That will be up next week. Ciao!