floral print

Outfit Chronicles: Floral and Coral

Guess who can finally sit on their balcony?! US!!! This coming July will mark a year that Jose and I have lived in Phoenix. What's ridiculous is that we have a HUGE, beautiful balcony and had NO FURNITURE on it to enjoy. For almost an entire year. Until this weekend when we hit up Ikea and with Jose's final decision that we WILL have balcony furniture. Oh Ikea, you are all over our home.

So today's outfit... floral and coral. Coral is my color at the moment. I'm finding hints of it in my lipstick, my branding, my clothing, and nail polish.

Let me go ahead and warn you now that you will be seeing these boots in the next 2-3 outfit chronicles! I don't know what got into me, but I've been wearing them a lot lately.

top: vintage shop, skirt: F21, boots: Steve Madden, belt: F21, necklace: don't remember =\, earrings: gift from Honduras

I have sad news in my world of reading. I'm about to finish the last series of Hunger Games. I don't want it to eeeenddd! Please send me some recommendations for the next book I need to read. Yeah, I know, reading junkie is what I am.

p.s. Doesn't this photo make you weak in the knees?