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Floral Edge: My Place

In the midst of the holidays winding down last year, I had a sudden urge to do a personal project. I had a specific vision in my head and I knew who would be perfect for it.

While I've seen plenty of floral crowns making rounds on social media, I'm still obsessed. However, I knew I wanted to take a different approach to it. If I take time to work on any personal projects, then the project has to be the kind of work that can't get out of my head. The kind of work I yearn to do more of, no matter how busy I may be. We should all make time for those moments...

There's nothing more inspiring than having a subject that completely embodies your vision. That would be Stephanie - who was also the make-up artist.  I contacted Alex to pull specifics for styling and we made it happen. My original plan was to go with one of Mignonne Handmade's gorgeous floral crowns - but as soon as the girls dug through my closet and found this red floral crown I made last year, they knew it was perfect for Stephanie. Not many can pull off this dramatic crown.

I mean, black lace bra, tattoos, graphic tee, and a red floral crown?  Y E S
These were shot in film...
I don't know what it is, but I completely resonate with mixing the tough and soft. The haunting with the romantic. The sketched lines with the watercolor. It's a visual that speaks to my style and I don't always get to express it. But when I do... AHHHH it feels liberating.
And getting to do this in motion? That's my dream. Speaking of motion, I made a special announcement about releasing my first Motion Workshop. Details here :) What can YOU not get out of your head? What's holding you back? What if you kept it simple? I want you to make it happen.