flea markets of france

In the flea markets of France

Picture this...

An artist travels to France with a friend, exploring the flea markets in a country that has always influenced her work - her handcrafted hair accessories. And there, in France at a flea market, she finds this delicate lace that she packs up and brings back home to Arizona. And what does this artist do? She makes a JAW-DROPPING veil with that lace using pearl accents from the 50's and the most refined fabric.

The artist? Jennifer Wood. The collection? Mignonne Handmade. Yes, as in this-veil-can-be-purchased!!

Capturing this limited Spring line collection for Jen is the kind of thing that sets my heart on fire. She even designed this DRESS! And the fabric on that dress? I was squealing and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Jen said, "all you have to do is give this girl some fabric and she is happy." Oh Jen, you know me too well...

Did you catch your breath?!

And if that wasn't enough, imagine this in MOTION! Y'all. Don't get me started. We made a video.

Yes, yes, yes. Monday. The day after Sunday. Have the confetti ready ;)